European integration

• We represent one of the few independent organisations able to guide you in the main European countries.
• In particular, we can assist you directly in French-Italian operations and through the consolidated network best friends, in other member States of the European Community.
• The French office is a member of the Compagnie Régionale des Commissaires aux Comptes de Lyon and is registered with the Ordre des Experts Comptables de Lyon. The Italian office is an Auditing company registered as Statutory Auditors held by Ministry of Economy and Finance.


• Over the years, we have developed solid experience in medium and large organizations, family companies, subsidiaries, branch of national and international groups and no profit organizations (associations, foundations). This has allowed us to develop a specific know-how to respond in a suitable and personalized manner to the needs of our clients.

Innovation (a look beyond the future)

• We use advanced and innovative worktools that allow us to provide timely and secure solutions in the processing of acquired informations and access to sensitive data.
• Our expertise is based on the continuous training of skills and knowledge, to propose innovative solutions, minimising the cost, with a look towards the future.


• The critical analysis of internal processes and our business awareness, have enabled us to become a reliable representative in the identification, assessment and management of business risks of our clients.
• Creating value for our clients means support them to achieve their goals, up to the investment in terms of time, budget and resources, through simple and fast solutions for effective and efficient company growth.