• Keeping and setting up of the general and analytical accounts;
• Management of fixed assets;
• Drafting of annual, quarterly and consolidated financial statements (French Gaap, Italian Gaap, IAS/IFRS);
• Forecast, budget and business plan;
• Customized management through dedicated team;
• Outsourcing accounting (remote access to our accounting software) and financial analysis.


Legal Advice and corporate affairs

• Constitution, liquidation, dissolution of companies and no profit organisations;
• Legal and corporate transactions (companies transfers/acquisitions) and corporate transformations;
• Call and minute recording of governance meetings;
• Communications to the public registers for companies and no profit organisations;
• Mergers and “Transfert Universel de Patrimoine (TUP)”;
• Support for bid/tenders with public authorities;



• Processing of payroll;
• Declarations to social security bodies;
• Job contracts (italian and french labour law);
• Optimisation of the tax regime applicable to the entrepreneur.


Tax advice

• Calculation of tax returns:
• Determination of the tax result and declaration of income;
• Taxes declarations and VAT return;
• Calculation of direct and indirect taxes.
• Tax optimisation:
• Dividend distribution;
• Taxes integration;
• Father-Child transition.